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The Bay Ridge Theatre Camp is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for children (ages 5-14) to learn about the dramatic arts, while building self-confidence, independence, and making new friends. In small peer groups, children will learn about various acting styles, improvisation, vocal work, singing, dance, and all the behind the scenes work that goes into putting together a production.  Every two weeks a new show is put together by the children and the talented staff. We then preform for the sports camp, groups from the Guild for Exceptional Children and Heart Share, as well as family and friends. A relaxed atmosphere and positive attitude set the tone for a fun filled summer of variety. Children will have time to be outside each day and play sports such as dodge ball, kickball, tennis, and soccer.  There are frequent field trips to area attractions like bowling, Bounce U, Painted Pot, and more! Every child has something special to bring to the stage, and at Bay Ridge Theatre Camp they will find the skills and confidence to become a rising star!

A Typical Day at Camp

9:00 – Children line up in the gym and are brought into the auditorium.
9:10 – Warm ups begin on the stage featuring stretches, games, and vocal warm ups.
9:20- Through a series of games the new idea of the day will be taught to the whole group.
10:00 – We break up into small peer groups for drama games and exercises.
11:00 – Lunch Time! Students can bring a packed lunch and enjoy it in the cafeteria, or can bring money to go get either pizza, Chinese, or McDonalds depending on the day. Camp counselors supervise these outings. Fridays are always Free Pizza Fridays and we will provide pizza in the cafeteria for all children.
12:00- Outside time is spent playing sports and games like dodge ball, soccer, tag, etc…
1:00- Vocal work is spent warming up our voices and learning how to care for them as we sing some of our favorite songs. Dance time leads us though some fun moves.
2:00- We play more drama games in small groups and rehearse for upcoming shows.
2:50 – We come together on the stage for closing exercise and final thoughts.
3:00- Parents pick up children in the gym or children are admitted to the After-Care Program.


Camp Director

Trisha Arnold is thrilled to be back for a fifth year as director of the Bay Ridge Theatre Camp! She has her BA in both Theatre and Childhood Education, and her Masters in Early Childhood Education. Trisha is a licensed New York City public school teacher for both general and special education, and spends her year teaching first grade here in Brooklyn.  She works on directing projects both in Brooklyn and Manhattan for children and adults in her free time. Summer camp is a highlight of her year and this one looks to be AMAZING!

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